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Red Wine Gifts

If you’re looking for a particularly sophisticated present, Gifts International has a range of red wine gifts that are perfect for the job.

Along with individual bottles, we also offer red wine gift sets that include the likes of beautiful chocolate truffles or Royal Scot Crystal glasses. So, whatever your budget or the occasion, we’ll have a present that’s perfect for your loved one.

Additionally, all of the wines we stock are fantastic quality, so you can rest assured that any bottle you buy from us will taste delicious.

If you’re looking for a particularly romantic gift, why not include a bouquet of flowers, or opt for a wine hamper — it’s all about making your loved one feel special.

We can deliver to almost any address worldwide, so shop online today.

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Cabernet Sauvignon (cab-er-NAY SO-vin-yon) - Cabernet Sauvignon can be found in many wine. In the Bordeaux region of France, it is considered the noblest grape of all. It is, in fact, the grape that makes fine Bordeaux wines. Cabernet Sauvignon can age well for decades. It is dark purple or ruby in color, medium to full bodied, and has a beautiful array of intense aromas and flavors. Cabernet Sauvignon would be considered a dry red

Merlot (mur-LO) Merlot has become very popular in the last 10 years. It is one of the more drinkable types of red wine with its low acidity and mellow softness. Merlot has rich flavors of blackberry, plum and cherry.

Pinot Noir (PEE-no NWA) - Pinot Noir is a difficult grape to grow, but yields an exceptional wine with great complexity when conditions are correct. It has light to moderate body with deliciously varied aromas and flavors.

Sangiovese (san-geeo-VEHS-eh) - The signature red wine grape of the Tuscany and Chianti regions, Sangiovese has been produced with little success outside of Italy. A good Sangiovese can be beautiful and complex, with varied aromas and flavors. It is frequently blended with Cabernet.

Syrah or Shiraz (sih-RAH or shih-RAHZ) - Known as Shiraz in Australia and South Africa and as Syrah in California and France, this wine has low to moderate acidity making it very drinkable. Shiraz/Syrah exhibits wonderful flavors of spice and fruit.