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A Guide to Matching Champagne Houses to the Special People in Your Life

If you need help buying the perfect present for any occasion, you’ve come to the right place. Our Knowledge Hub contains advice and information on the art of gift-giving, helping you put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. Read now.

Champagne gifting is easy when you know the flavour and label that the receiver likes. However, what do you do if the receivers are mum about their preferred bubbly? Or worse, how will you choose the champagne to be delivered if they don’t have a preference?

All the special people in your life deserve a good bottle, so don’t lose heart in choosing champagne. Here are the varieties that will surely be cherished by the special people in your life.

For Mum and Dad

Whether mum and dad like things simple or grand, a bottle (or two) of Dom Pérignon is in order. It’s one of the most renowned brands of vintage champagne. This doesn’t mean that it’s old (like vintage reds); it means that it is made from grapes from a single year. In contrast, non-vintage champagne is made from a blend of harvests from different years. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. Still, Dom Pérignon values the unique flavour developed from the vintage method of production.

It’s so special that Dom Pérignon Vintage 1961 was the official champagne for the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles. It’s also a favourite among celebrities, and your parents will surely love it, too.

For Mother’s Day, go for a Ruinart, a bottle that’s as rich and storied as its house. Apart from impressing mum’s sophisticated taste, she will equally be impressed with the history: Ruinart claims to be the oldest champagne house in the world and continues topping the list of the finest drinks.

For Father’s Day, opt for a bottle of Lanson, a unique house that doesn’t use malolactic fermentation. The result is a bubbly that’s high in freshness and fully developed flavours—robust enough to complement dad’s rich personality.

For Your Life Partner

Your romantic partner deserves nothing less than a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. With rich, toasty flavours and a beautiful bottle, Veuve Clicquot is an exceptional Champagne that is almost synonymous with luxury. It’s perfect for your anniversary, job promotions, birthdays or just because.

Because of its flavour, it can be served anywhere from a romantic picnic at a park or an anniversary get-together at home. The diverse selection can be paired with almost every kind of gourmet creation, from seafood to dessert—even those made at home, with love.

If you’re popping the question, Moët & Chandon is also a good choice. It’s celebratory, romantic and an apt fizzy start for a new chapter in your lives.

For the People You Look Up To

Seasoned and experience, the authority figures in your life would have, by now, developed a taste for the best of the best. Dom Pérignon is a good choice, but if you think that they have already received bottles of this bubbly, consider a Laurent-Perrier.

This is almost synonymous with art de vivre à la française, or the French art of living, so it captures the elevated taste of leaders. It brings freshness and elegance to the table—whatever kind of dish is served. Moreover, the house only uses the best grape juice for winemaking. Its blends have a relatively higher percentage (around 45%) of Chardonnay grapes, the most expensive type in the region.

Another crème de la crème is Krug, considered by many as the grande dame of champagne. Krug is the master of blending champagne; the house separates all of its base wines according to vineyard plots, tastes them one by one and then blends them for the perfect combination. This technique gives Krug its distinct complexity and richness. It’s a sommelier favourite, and will soon be your mentor’s, too.

For the Newlyweds or Newly Engaged

When there’s a party involved, you’ll never go wrong with Moët & Chandon. It’s a staple at every celebration, especially life milestones. It’s one of the most widely-known champagne houses in the world, bringing glamour to every get-together and elevating the event to a sophisticated fête.

A bottle of Moët succinctly conveys your congratulations and best wishes for a new chapter. It also pairs well with a wide array of dishes, like salads, seafood, foie gras, pate, blue cheese and dried fruits. The couple can enjoy the drink either during an intimate dinner or at a party.

For the Pop Culture Enthusiasts

Champagne and pop culture are inexplicably intertwined, so there’s a bubbly for every kind of fan in your social circle. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the drink, if they aren’t champagne lovers yet.

  • The Music Lover – If your friend listens to rock bands (especially Queen), then a bottle of Moët & Chandon will take them down memory lane. It’s the first line in the 1974 song “Killer Queen”; they’ll recognize it the moment they open the wrapper. If they listen to rap and hip hop, gift them with the lavish Armand de Brignac, also known as “Ace of Spades.” With Jay Z as its owner, Armand de Brignac gained a reputation as a luxury party champagne, and it looks the part, too—shiny bottles emblazoned with an ornate ace logo. It comes in gold, rose and silver, as well as limited editions.
  • The James Bond Fan – The British spy is known for loving a martini that’s shaken, not stirred, but he also has a preferred champagne—Bollinger, which is featured in almost every Bond movie since Live and Let Die. The house has been a longtime partner of the Bond franchise.

You can also gift your friend with a gentlemanly bottle of Taittinger, which is Ian Fleming’s favorite champagne. It’s mentioned in the literary versions of “Casino Royale” and “Goldfinger”. It’s one of the few champagne houses that are still family-owned and managed, lending their name to the label. Like Laurent-Perrier, Taittinger boasts a high percentage of Chardonnay grapes.

  • The Fashionista – Chanel is one of the most loved fashion brands in the world, so your fashionable friend will appreciate a bottle of the French house’s choice event drink, Perrier Jouet. Its well-dressed Belle Époque bottle rivals the sophistication of the models on the runway. It’s no surprise that it is the favourite champagne of Coco Chanel herself, as well as Princess Grace of Monaco, who served it at the Monte Carlo Rose Ball.
  • The Eco-Warrior – If sustainability is your concern, then go for a bottle of Pommery. This house is known for a light, crisp flavour profile, and it made a headstart on producing eco-responsible champagne, years before other houses did.

For the Friends Who Love Luxury and Royalty

It is quite daunting to choose a gift for a friend who has luxurious and specific tastes. You wouldn’t want to disappoint by giving them “just another” expensive Champagne. After all, when tastes are involved, the price isn’t the sole standard of what is elevated.

Like all luxury lists, a bottle of Dom Pérignon is an excellent gift, so this is a good first choice. If you think, however, that your friend is used to serving this bubbly, it is time to introduce them to yet another luxury staple, Bollinger. This house has held a Royal Warrant since the reign of Queen Victoria. The Royal Warrant Holders Association says that the secret behind its excellent ageing capacity is old barrels that produce micro-oxygenation of the wines. You can also gift them with an opulent bottle of Pol Roger, which also holds a Royal Warrant. It was also the favourite champagne of Sir Winston Churchill, who even named one of his racehorses after the champagne house. In return, Pol Roger named a new prestige Champagne Cuvée Winston Churchill.

A bottle of Louis Roederer would also be highly appreciated. Its most renowned champagne, Cristal, was originally crafted for Tsar Alexander II of Russia, who was wary of assassination plots. He requested that the bottle be clear, so poison can easily be detected. Moreover, the bottom of the bottle should be flat, so nothing could be concealed in the punt.

For the Champagne Connoisseur

This is where it gets tricky—the connoisseur is very picky when it comes to champagne. While they will cherish any bottle that you give them, it’s still better off to check all the lists of the recipient’s taste preferences.

Any of our selections will make a good gift, so you don’t have to worry. However, you can take your gift a notch higher by presenting more than just champagne and chocolates. Give them something that enables them to preserve what they love!

  • Champagne Saber – Corkscrews are fun and comfortable, but sabering is much more memorable and eventful. Originally performed during ceremonial occasions, sabering is done by using a champagne saber to cut the neck of the bottle, severing the mouth along with the cork.
  • Champagne Coupes – A champagne lover would have a lovely collection of flutes. Diversify that collection with champagne coupes, a glass with a wide, shallow bowl. It’s elegant and reminiscent of the glamorous parties of yesteryear.
  • Bottle Stopper – Much as they love champagne, some bottles are bound to be left unfinished. It’s never good form to keep a bubbly in a container other than its bottle, so gift your friend with a resealable champagne cork. It keeps the drink fresh and ready for the next meal.

Any celebrant will appreciate the gorgeously wrapped bottle of bubbly that you’ve gifted them, but even more so if you put time and thought into choosing the variety. So, start your search for the best champagne gifts in Europe. Browse our selection today, and if you have any enquiries, get in touch with us here.

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