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White Wine Gifts

Gifts International has a range of white wine gifts, which make fantastic failsafe presents for a special wine lover in your life. As well as individual bottles, we also offer white wine gift sets that include beautiful chocolate truffles and arrive in a lovely wooden box. Our white wine gifts make incredibly romantic gifts, so are perfect if you’re shopping for an engagement or anniversary present.

Ensure you consider all of your options by taking a look at the other kinds of wine we stock. As well as white, we also offer redrose and sparkling wine gifts that might interest you.

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Clos Montblanc Unic Chardonnay 75cl - Spanish White Wine
Halfpenny Green Chardonnay 75cl - English White Wine
The Chardonnay Wine Case of 6
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 75cl White Wine & Truffles, Wooden Box
Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 75cl English Sparkling Wine
La Forge Sauvignon Blanc 75cl - French White Wine
Castelbeaux Chardonnay 75cl - French White Wine
Las Perdices Malbec Reserva - Argentinian Red Wine
Las Perdices Chac Chac Malbec 75cl - Argentinian Red Wine
Halfpenny Green English Rose 75cl - English Rose Wine
Alpino Pinot Grigio 75cl - Italian White Wine
Zensa Pinot Grigio IGP 75cl - Italian White Wine
Gerard Tremblay Chablis Premier Cru 75cl - French White Wine
Macon Villages Blanc - Depagneaux 75cl - French White Wine
Antario Gavi 75cl - Italian White Wine
Castell Lord Cava
Castelbeaux Chardonnay 75cl White Wine & Truffles, Wooden Box
Head over Heels Chardonnay 75cl - Australian White Wine
Jean-Luc Colombo Cotes Du Rhone Les Abeilles Blanc 75cl - French White Wine
Domaine Doucet Paul & Fils Sancerre 75cl - French White Wine
Bergsig Estate Gewurztraminer 75cl White Wine, With Royal Scot Wine Glasses
La Forge Estate Chardonnay 75cl - French White Wine
Bergsig Estate Gewurztraminer 75cl White Wine And Pate Gift Box
The Home Farm Pinot Grigio 75cl White Wine Happy Birthday Wine Duo Gift Box (2x75cl)
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Chardonnay (shar-dun-NAY)  - Considered the queen of white wine grapes, Chardonnay is grown widely in many regions. Of all the white wine types, Chardonnay produces the most complex wines in the world.

Chenin Blanc (SHEN'N BLAHNK) - Chenin Blanc has been cultivated for thousands of years in the Loire Valley of France. The character of Chenin Blanc can be difficult to define, but it generally is light and fruity.

Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio (PEE-no GREE or GREE-zho) - This grape's character will vary depending upon its growing region. European. All Pinot Grigio possess a citrus aroma.

Riesling (REES-ling) - Riesling, the most notable white wine grape from Germany. Riesling has medium to high acidity and light to medium body with a distinct flowery, fruity aroma.

Sauvignon Blanc (SO-vin-yon BLAHNK) - Sauvignon Blanc, It is characterized by a light, crisp acidity. It will often contain several fruit components.

Semillon (SEM-ih-yon) - Semillon is one of the more unique types of white wine. It rarely stand alone and is frequently blended with Sauvignon Blanc. Semillon can also be very rich, making a favorable dessert wine.

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